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Prevento® is a powerful extinguishing agent specifically developed for highly flammable materials like rubber, plastics and oils. Prevento® can be used to extinguish solid, liquid, gaseous and metallic combustibles.

Prevento® Forest , is a powerful extinguishing agent for wildfires. It extinguishes the wildfire, prevents the spread of flames over brush terrain and dry wood and converts combustible materials to a fire retardant barrier. Prevento® Forest can be spread on the ground creating a barrier for the fire and also dispersed by air to cover a larger surface area.

  • Prevento® protects and preserves the environment
  • It is bio-degradable
  • Uses 20 times less liquid volume than traditional extinguishing agents
The Power Of Prevento

Motor Oil fire test

Oil fires are very difficult to extinguish using traditional methods. They can be very dangerous if the wrong materials are used. For this test, highly inflammable motor oil was used. The oil is poured in a pan and then a propane torch is used to ignite the oil. The oil rapidly catches fire and reaches boiling point.

A small amount of Prevento is sprayed on the oil surface. As is clearly demonstrated, the fire is quickly extinguished.

The propane flame is again applied to the oil but the Prevento prevents the oil fire from re ignition.

Prevento can be used to extinguish troublesome fires of thermo oils, lubricants , heavy oils and engine oils. Prevento has non corrosive properties that do not cause any damage engines and is frost resistant up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prevento extinguishes ,impregnates , cools and prevents re-ignition of Class A, B and C fires.

Brush Fire Test

Brush fires have now become an annual disaster in the US destroying thousands of acres of forests and wildwood. Traditional attempts to extinguishing these fires cost billions of dollars and are ineffective.

This brush fire test was conducted using Prevento Forest. Two piles of brush wood are used for this test. A propane blow torch was used to ignite the brush fire. The first pile of wood is untreated while the second pile is sprayed with Prevento forest using the Dekamax cylinder.

The untreated wood catches fire quickly. The propane flame is then applied to the firewood treated with Prevento Forest. As we can see the treated firewood does not catch fire even though the flame is applied directly. This flame reaches a temperature of over 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit but the Prevento prevents the fire wood from catching fire. The untreated firewood on fire is quickly and easily extinguished by spraying a small quantity of Prevento Forest. Prevento forest extinguishes the fire, creates a barrier and prevents the fire from spreading and has a cooling effect.

Prevento Forest can be sprayed on large surface areas to extinguish and prevent the spread of forest fires. Prevento can be used by fire fighters in small concentrated areas and also sprayed from the air to cover larger surface area. Prevento is effective in colder temperatures as well and is biodegradable.

Fire Test on building materials

The following fire test was conducted with Prevento on Class A building materials consisting of Asphalt Shingles. These shingles are composed of asphalt and organic and fiber glass cores. Asphalt shingles are used in 80% of homes in the US.

The shingles were mounted on a wooden frame 4’x 4’.

Blue marking was put on the shingles to define the treated and untreated surfaces.

The right side of the structure is treated with the fire prevention agent Prevento.

A thin layer of Prevento is applied using the Dekamax cylinder. The total quantity applied is less than 20 fluid ounces. The right side of the panel is left untreated.

A propane blow torch is then used to ignite the left side which has been treated with the Prevento. The blow torch flame temperature on the surface area reaches above 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 2,000 degrees Celsius.

As we can see the left side which has been treated with Prevento does not catch fire even after intense concentrated heat is applied.

The untreated side catches fire in a matter of minutes.

This test clearly demonstrates the fire prevention capabilities of Prevento on building structures. Prevento creates a barrier and prevents fire and extinguishes the fire.

Prevento® extinguishes and suppresses the following class of fires

classes of fires A, B, C, F

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