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The Power Of Prevento

Prevento® is a powerful extinguishing agent specifically developed for highly flammable materials like rubber, plastics and oils. Prevento® can be used to extinguish solid, liquid, gaseous and metallic combustibles.

In addition, a new innovative extinguishing agent Prevento Solar® can be used to control and suppress Solar panel fires.

  • Prevento® protects and preserves the environment
  • It is bio-degradable
  • Uses 20 times less liquid volume than traditional extinguishing agents

Prevento Fire Test Series

Prevento® extinguishes and suppresses the following class of fires

classes of fires A, B, C, F

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

Prevento® is a trade registered to Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Prevento® designates a product group of Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany.

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