IFoam Liquid Gel Foam - High Expansion Foam Concentrate Fire Class A and B


Intelligent liquid gel foam
concentrate 0.1 - 6%

iFoam - Febbex North America


  • Is a gel-foaming agent concentrate to be used as low, medium and high-expansion foam
  • Can be admixed to water at a concentration of 0.1-6%
  • Extinguishing performance level 1A, according to DIN 1568-3
  • Developed and made in Germany

Description of ifoam®

Primarily, ifoam® consists of a concentration of biopolymers, thickener, super absorber and highly concentrated foam additives


Can be used for extinguishing and suppressing the following classes of fires

Wood, paper, cardboard, embers, elastomers like rubber, curable plastics like polyamides
Diesel, car petrol, kerosene, engine oils, hydraulic oils, thermo-oils, transformer oils

Major Benefits

  • Adheres on smooth surfaces and protects against radiant heat and is covering fire of liquids at the same time
  • High foam stability and water half life value
  • Long lasting and high water content in each foam bubble
  • Prophylactic application, e.g. to suppress emissions
  • Very good chilling effect of the foam at combustible liquids and solids
  • No draining into soil and drain system of residues of the extinguishing agent
  • No rinse of pollutants out of the debris
  • Remains on the debris and can be disposed together
  • No additional pollutants in the extinguishing agent; raw material in accordance with WRMG*
  • Can be used with existing proportioning systems of the fire brigades
  • Also applicable with sea water
  • Easily bio-degradable
  • *) Referring to regulation (EG) Nr. 648/2004 of the European Parliament and Council of March 31st 2004 about detergents (ABl. EU Nr. L 104 S. 1), Detergents and Cleaning Products Act - German designation (WRMG) of April 27th 2007, applicable for ifoam®; § 2, clause 5 of the German Food and Feed Code


Physical Behavior

  • The biological thickening agent in ifoam® slows down the separation time, respectively the drain off time of water inside the foam bubble by 25 times, compared to a regular foam
  • The special tensides compound, in combination with the biological thickening agent creates even, small and stable foam bubbles
  • The ifoam® bubble is compared to regular foam bubbles „orbitant“ *)
  • Due to this effect the foam bubble has a longer resistance against mechanical and thermal impacts
  • Likewise flammable vapours and gases cannot easily penetrate the ifoam® foam bubble or escape through the contact areas. This leads to a very high gas density and thus security for the fire men!
  • The higher water content in the foam bubble ensures a very high cooling effect
  • Re-burning rate for ifoam® as per EN 1568-3 is > 20 minutes, where normally 10 minutes for regular foam
  • *) orbitant:    The liquid of ifoam® remains evenly and for a long time inside the foam bubble (Orbit)


Environmental Behavior

  • ifoam® is fully free of fluortenside, phosphate and butyldiglycol
  • No hazardous substances will be washed out of the debris
  • Under chemical or physiological aspects ifoam® can be compared to cosmetic products like shampoo or washing powder
  • ifoam® is easily biodegradable
Extinguishing and Suppressing

Those who do not use ifoam® pays a heavy monetary price and suffers ecological losses!

iFoam - Febbex North America

An extinguishing agent for all application areas at various mixing ratios:

as surfactant
as application for Compressed Air Foam (CAF)
as foam-gel agent for combustible liquids and solids

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