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Prevento® FOREST

  • With surety and efficiency new approach to fire fighting
  • Fire extinguishing gel with impregnation protection
  • Additive to water, 2nd gel generation
  • Coating on solid materials
  • Developed and made in Germany

Description of Prevento® FOREST

The most important feature of the Prevento ® FOREST extinguishing agent is the combination of super absorbing (SAP, Super-Absorb-Polymer) gelling agents and hydrocolloid stabilizer to prevent separation.


Can be used for extinguishing and suppressing forest fires

Prevento Forest - Fire Class A
Wood, Plants, Paper, Cardboard, Embers, Elastomers like Rubber, Curable Plastics like Polyamides                                                             


Major Benefits

  • Cooling effect
  • Coating effect
  • Impregnating effect
  • Creates a compact protective separating layer
  • Retains the hot and highly inflammable gases/vapors
  • Impedes simultaneously the influx of oxygen
  • Creates a cooling surface layer
  • Cools down the hot and highly inflammable gases/vapors below the ignition point
  • Creates a impregnating protection layer
  • Prevents re-ignitions and new ignitions
  • Needs 20 times less water
  • Converts combustible into flame retardant material
  • Non-toxic
  • Readily bio-degradable


  • Super absorber (SAP) reservoir from the hygiene sector
  • Organic salts
  • Biocide (Disinfectant)
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers from the food sector
  • Mica as a natural marker, on request

Physical Properties

  • Super absorbers (SAP) thicken the water and enables the gel to stay longer on the burnt material
  • Organic salts possesses very good impregnating attributes; frost protection available, up to – 4°F
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers permanently prevent separation
  • Mica for a better recognition, due to its reflection

Environmental Behavior

  • Super absorbers (SAP) are converted into water and CO2 by UV radiation and fire
  • Organic salts are considered as readily degradable substances
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers are based on readily degradable, organic, natural elements
  • Biocides used for Prevento® FOREST do not produce significant chemical changes
  • Mica is a natural mineral
  • Prevento® FOREST does not adversely affect flora or fauna
Prevento Forest - Febbex North America

Terrestrial forest fire fighting

  • Prevento® FOREST can be applied evenly around the danger zone with either special or normal commercially available equipment. With Prevento® FOREST , strips of impregnated, fire-proof areas, around homes for example, may be created, which can be reactivated convientley with water. One simply lets the fire run its course, or diverts it into areas with fewer burnable objects.
  • Securing retreat of the flames
  • Preparation of sufficient volumes of extinguishing agent solution
  • Covering the ground with Prevento® FOREST to avoid development of a full fire
  • Use Prevento® FOREST to create effective fire barriers around combustible structures
  • If required, reactivate dried Prevento® FOREST gel on the ground with water
  • Retreat from the danger zone and return to do mop up work after the fire has collapsed
  • Spray an approximately 50m strip around settlements and cover homes and trees and all combustible objects with
    Prevento® FOREST gel solution

Aerial forest fire fighting

  • Prevento® FOREST is applied outside or alongside of the fire
  • Helicopters or aircrafts function outside of the danger zone and therefore are not inhibited by either smoke or heat. They can bring the product to the target zone with greater accuracy
  • The helicopter can fly higher since, ninety percent of Prevento® FOREST will reach the ground due to the coherent droplets as opposed to only 5 percent of plain water, which either evaporates or is diverted by prop/rotor blast. The width of the protective strip is also increased
  • The helicopter can fly faster and thereby cover a larger area
  • Due to the physical properties of Prevento® FOREST a portion of the kernels will remain attached to the oily foliage and to the leaves and needles on the ground, another part will drop down to the ground where it impregnates, e.g. the combustible leaves and needles. The larger portion of Prevento® FOREST falls through to the smaller trees and scrub, the grass and the easily burnable leaves and needles on the ground, due to the weight of the gel kernels
  • The application on entire streets and homes is possible without restrictions, since Prevento® FOREST is neither poisonous nor toxic
  • Swimming pools, with an application of Prevento® FOREST can become an effective reservoir of extinguishing product. A simple submersible pump is all that is needed
  • For better recognition, a natural marker (Mica) can be added to the Prevento® FOREST

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

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