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Prevento® Solar Spray Gel
Turns the day into an
Artificial Night!

Prevento® Solar is a water-based, easy to spray fluid, with very strong adhesive properties on smooth surfaces plus high opacity*.
With immediate effect, the power generation by the solar panels is cut off and firemen can start their main job, extinguishing the fire without exposure to electric hits by the solar system!
*) Higher the opacity of a material, lesser is the light that passes through.

Prevento® Solar

  • Provides quick protective Cover on the solar panels, secure and efficient
  • Spraying provides quick and even coating
  • covers smooth surfaces with a light-proof film
  • Prevents further power generation of the solar panels
  • is long lasting and does not peel off
  • Contains no toxic ingredients
  • is frost resistant up to –10 °C / 14 °F
  • is pH neutral and kind to the skin
  • is readily biodegradable
  • Does not create and does not leave any residual dirt
  • is non corrosive and does not leave any residues
  • Can easily be removed by spraying water.
  • Consumption: approx. 1-3 l/m2 (for 1-3 mm thickness)
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Prevento® is a trade registered to Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Prevento® designates a product group of Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany.

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