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Safety Data Sheet (according to EC No. 1907/2006)

Trade name: Prevento® Dry5% to 60%

01. Subject/Preparation & Company denomination:

Trade Name: Prevento® Dry5% to 60% (Powder)
Product use/preparation: Additive for extinguishing agents
Manufacturer/Supplier: Febbex® International GmbH
Street/POB: Cassellastraße 30 – 32
ZIP-Code/City: D- 60386 Frankfurt, Germany
Contact for technical enquiries: Febbex® International GmbH (see above)
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 42 69 669 – 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 69 / 42 69 669 – 11
Emergency Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 42 69 669 – 0

02. Potential hazards

Hazard Denomination: No health threatening effects are known or can be expected if used in accordance with the regulations
Additional Information for humans & environment: Do not discharge into open waters

03. Composition/Details of the ingredients

Chemical characterization: Thickening agent, organic salts, Foam builder
Hazardous ingredients: None
Classification: Not subject to specific labeling
Ingredients with prescribed EC-Threshold values: None
Classification: n/a, non hazardous good

04. First aid measures

After inhalation: Move person to a fresh air environment
After skin contact: Flush with water
After eye contact: Flush with large amounts of water, consult a physician if needed
After ingestion: Consult a physician
Note to doctor: n/a

05. Measures for fire fighting:

Suitable extinguishing agent: n/a, since it is an extinguishing agent
Unsuitable extinguishing agent: n/a, since it is an extinguishing agent
Specific hazards of the agent or its preparation, its combustion product or accruing gases: None, combustion products are CO2 and H2O
Specific protective equipment for fire fighters: n/a, since it is an extinguishing agent
Additional note: n/a, since it is an extinguishing agent

06. Measures in case of unintended release:

Personal precautions: Wear a dust mask when indicated
Environmental precautions: Do not discharge into waters
Cleanup methods: Let it dry and clean it up, dispose it in a controlled manner
Additional information: see above

07. Application and storage:

Advices for save handling: Store it dry, keep the container tight Prevent formation and accumulation of dust
Advices for fire and explosion protection: None
Further advices: None
Storage conditions: Protect from frost
Storage room and container conditions: n/a
Storage Classification VCI: n/a
Particular use: n/a

08. Limitation and control of exposure/Personal protective gear:

Limit values of exposure at the working place and/or biological limit values:
Specification: n/a
Value: n/a
Peak limit: n/a
Toxicity of reproduction: n/a
Workplace limit values/ German workplace limit values of EC:  
Specification: n/a
Short term exposure value: n/a
Long term exposure value (8hTWA) n/a
Note "skin" n/a
Limitation and control of exposure: n/a
Personal protective gear: Dust mask/gloves
Breathing protection: Dust mask
Hand guard: Material of gloves: no specifics
Eye protection/body protection: n/a
Details to work hygiene/environmental protection measures: Prevent dust production
Note: Non irritating, non caustic

09. Physical and chemical properties

State of aggregation: Powder
Color: Beige
Odor: Neutral
Security relevant data:
Explosion risk: n/a
Lower explosion limit: n/a
Upper explosion limit: n/a
Vapor pressure: n/a
Density: 700 – 800 g/l at 20°C
Water solubility: > 98 % soluble
pH-value (at 20°C, at 10 g/l H2O): 7.0 ± 1.0
Boiling point/range: n/a
Flash point: n/a
Ignition point: n/a

10. Stability and reactivity:

Conditions to avoid: n/a
Substances to avoid: n/a
Hazardous decomposition products: None, only CO2 and H2O

11. Information about toxicology:

Acute oral toxicity: 6000 mg/kg (Rat)
Skin compatibility: not irritating (Rabbit eye)
Mucosa compatibility: not irritating (Rabbit)
Practical experiences: see above
Information about ingredients: see above

12. Information about ecology:

Eco-toxicity: Easily bio-degradable according to OECD
Mobility/persistency and degradability: > 94 % soluble, CSB 425 mg O2/ml Easily bio-degradable according to OECD
Bioaccumulation potential: see above
Finding results of PBT properties: n/a
Other harmful effects: n/a

13. Details about disposal:

Substance/preparation recommendation: Recycling, dumpsite/combustor, dispose it off with the debris Follow written guidelines
Waste code according to the Waste Catalogue Ordinance (Packaging and polluted packaging) 160306

14. Information about transport:

Overland transport ADR/RID: Non-hazardous material in terms of transport regulations
Classification category: n/a Hazard number: n/a
UN-No.: n/a Classification code: n/a
Description of the goods: n/a Hazard inducer: n/a
Packing: n/a Packing group: n/a
Hazard label: n/a Limited quantity: n/a
Sea transport IMDG/GGVSee:
Classification/IMDG-code: n/a EmS : n/a
UN-No.: n/a Marine Pollutant: n/a
Description of the goods: n/a Hazard inducer: n/a
Packing group: n/a Hazard label: n/a
Air transport ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR classification:
Category: n/a UN-No.: n/a
Description of the goods: n/a Hazard inducer: n/a
Packing: n/a Packing group: n/a
Hazard label: n/a

15. Regulations:

Chemical Safety Assessment: WGK = 1 (Self-Classification) Germany
Classification to EU-Directives:
Code Letter and hazard designations of the goods: n/a, non-hazardous good
Hazard determining components for the labeling: None
R-phrase: None
S-phrase: None
EU regulations: None
National regulations: None
Water hazard class: WGK = 1 (Self-Classification) Germany
Technical instructions on Air Quality (TA Luft): n/a
Hazardous Incident Ordinance (12. BImSchV): n/a
Solvents Emissions Directive (31. BImSchV): n/a
Employment restrictions: n/a

16. Other information:

Co-applicable EU regulations: Inapplicable
Restrictions of use recommended by the manufacturer: Observe the information provided by the manufacturer
Further information: Water with flowed out agent cause slip hazard

The information stated in this Safety Datasheet responds to our current standard of knowledge and is complying with the national as well as with the EU-Legislation. The given labour conditions of the user are unknown to us and beyond our control. Without prior written approval the product must not be used for other purpose than declared in chapter 1. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with all necessary legal regulations. Information given in this Safety Datasheet are describing the safety requirements of our product, however we do not take any guarantee or assurance of the properties. Information refers to the conditions of the product at the time of delivery.

This Safety Datasheet was established by means of software. In case of absent entries in the chapters 2, 3, 8, 15 and 16 the product does not contain any mentionable substances and is not subject of specific labelling.

Prior to the use the user is obliged to run a trial about the efficiency and the durability of PREVENTO®. In case of incorrect handling of PROVENTO we take no responsibility for damages or for consequential damages.

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