A quality German product from Febbex International
Universal Cleaner for
Spilled Body Fluids
How it works:
  • Absorbs all spilled human body fluids including urine, blood etc.
  • The body fluids are transformed to a semi- solid state making it convenient to quickly gather and dispose the waste product.
  • Instantly eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • Has a refreshing and pleasing aroma.
  • Reduces the risk of infection when gathering body liquids.
  • 1 handy container rapidly absorbs up to 12.5 liters of liquid waste.
  • The residue becomes nontoxic and can be disposed in minimum time and labor.
  • Ideally suited for kindergartens, schools, rest homes, doctor's offices, rescue services, cabs, public transport systems, pet shops, restaurants and sports stadiums.
  • Now available in a handy shaker
  • Hazard Safe is sparingly spread over spilled body fluids, until completely covered. Within seconds the waste is transformed to a semi-solid mass. This results in containing the bacteria and viruses. The residue can then be disposed off using a simple dust pan. This saves considerable time and manpower.
  • The dry surface may then be disinfected.
  • Keep the shaker closed and protect it against sun radiation and frost.
Shelf Life:
  • When appropriately stored: 5 years
pH value: approx 7.0
Density: approx 500 g/l
Keep it safely away from children!
Mixture may cause slip hazard!
Febbex® International GmbH
Cassellastrasse 30-32
D-60386 Frankfurt/Main
Distributed By:
Febbex North America Distributor, Inc
21585 Center Ridge #106
Rocky River, OH 44116

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

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