Pyro-Nozzle Fire Extinguisher Prevento®Blue Extinguishing Gel Agent - Febbex North America


Spraying appliance for
Pentamax® and Dekamax®

Pyro-nozzle for Pentamax and Dekamax


  • Fits well on Pentamax® and Dekamax® spraying appliance
  • Can be exchanged with ordinary nozzles without tools
  • Ergonomic handling due to an angled nozzle, made in stainless steel

Application Tire fires

Allows deep penetration into burning tires to extinguish the internal blaze


Use Prevento® extinguishing gel agent

  • Homes
  • Mobile Craftsmen
Tire Fires

Application Bengal light and smoke signal flares

  • Allows deep penetration into the Pyro-unit
  • Even for light signal flares with a very high content of magnesium, complete "blowing out" is possible


Use Prevento® blue extinguishing gel agent

Prevento® blue

  • Extinguishing agent Prevento® blue "blows out" Bengal light and smoke signal flares safely and absolutely
  • Consists of easily biodegradable salts, water and gels
  • Adheres everywhere, cools more effectively, also acts as an impregnator
  • Requires little volume of extinguishing agent (approx. 50 gr/1.6 ounce of Prevento® blue for a category T1 flare

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

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