Prevento Fire Extinguishing and Suppression System - Class A-B-C-F, Fire Extinguishing Agents


  • With surety and efficiency new approach to fire fighting
  • Fire extinguishing gel with impregnation protection
  • Additive to water, 2nd gel generation
  • Coating on liquids and solid materials
  • Developed and made in Germany

Description of Prevento®

The most important feature of the Prevento® extinguishing agent is the combination of super absorbing (SAP, Super-Absorb-Polymer) gelling agents. All ingredients are harmless and help protect the environment and natural resources.


Can be used for extinguishing and suppressing the following classes of fires

Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Embers, Elastomers like Rubber, Curable Plastics like Polyamides
Diesel, Benzine, Kerosene, Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Thermo-Oils, Transformer Oils
Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Methane, Acetylene
Animal fat and Vegetable Fats and Oils

Major Benefits

  • Cooling effect
  • Coating effect
  • Impregnating effect
  • Creates a compact separating layer
  • Retains the hot and highly inflammable gases/vapors
  • Simultaneously impedes the influx of oxygen
  • Cools down the hot and highly inflammable gases/vapors maintaining the temperature below the ignition point
  • Creates an impregnating protection layer
  • Prevents re-ignitions and new ignitions
  • Requires 20 times less extinguishing water
  • Converts combustible into flame retardant material
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily bio-degradable


  • Super absorber (SAP) reservoir from the hygiene sector
  • Organic salts from the food sector
  • Biocide (Disinfectant)
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers from the food sector

Physical Properties

  • Super absorbers (SAP) thicken the water and enables the gel to stay longer on the burnt material
  • Organic salts possesses very good impregnating attributes; frost protection available, up to – 4°F
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers permanently prevent separation

Environmental Behavior

  • Super absorbers (SAP) are converted into water and CO2 by UV radiation and fire
  • Organic salts are considered as readily degradable substances
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizers are based on readily degradable, organic, natural elements
  • Biocides used for Prevento® FOREST do not produce significant chemical changes

Extinguish effect of water

Extinguish Effect of Water
Cooling Effect of Water

Cooling effect of foam

Cooling Effect of Foam
Cooling Effect of Foam in %

Impregnation effect of Prevento®

Impregnation Effect of PreventoAdhesion of Various Agents

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

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